I used to have a blog back in high school and University. It was strictly out of passion (a rarity as an adult, I'm finding), and it contained mainly my own healthy recipes and the rare DIY project. I've said to myself countless times that I'd like to have another blog, one day. Then I decided that 2018 will be the year of making things happen...

I could say I want a blog all I want, but that wouldn't make it happen. The hardest part is starting, and as I started making this blog a reality over the 2017 Christmas holidays, I realized that when it's something you really want to do, starting actually isn't that hard. As soon as I made the decision and sat down to work on it, I became so excited and I still am excited every time I spend time on this project.

About Erin

I'm a freelance Graphic Designer in North York (Toronto), ON. My thing is Graphic Design for Social Good, meaning that I like to work with business and individuals with a social good purpose such as protecting the environment, designing sustainable products, educational initiatives and products, supporting youth and minorities, and so on. I attended OCAD University in their Graphic Design program, graduating in 2015 and beginning my freelance career right away. I've always had an interest in writing, which is what lead me to starting this blog.

Why "Well & Free"?

I had a conversation recently about the feeling of being "carefree." We were talking about how carefree childhood is — no real responsibilities, no real stress, having all the time in the world after 3 pm to explore your passions — and how I couldn't remember the last time I truly felt carefree. I get glimpses of it while I'm on vacation — usually not until the last couple days once I've finally fully relaxed and it's nearly time to go home to the real world... dang it!

I decided that I wanted to recreate the carefree feeling of childhood any chance I get as an adult. This is where the "Free" part comes from. This blog in itself is carefree for me because I'm not expecting any financial gain from it. I'm simply committing to blogging and whatever happens, happens!

"Well" comes from my longtime interest in wellness; my more natural pursuit toward wellness through plant-based eating, naturopathic health, and exercise like yoga. By merging the two sides of the coin together I came up with "Well & Free." I liked it, so I stuck with it. Plus, the ampersand in the wordmark looks like an E for Erin!

What kind of content can be expected?

I've summed up the different corners of my blog into these categories:

  • Wellness: Plant-based recipes (my own or the best of the best rounded up from the web), natural remedies, my experience working with naturopathic doctors and personal trainers, and yoga and meditation, for example.
  • Personal Growth: Courses, articles, books and experiences that will shake you out of your comfort zone and help you grow as a person in sometimes unimaginable ways. Change is good, I promise!
  • Organization: Over time I've gained a knack for organizational systems that work, leading to a more stress-free and productive day. The designer in me also tends to like the clean, open space that minimalism offers so there will be a little bit of that theme as well. Yes, you could say that "minimalism" is a trendy, hipsteresque term, but I'm going to fully own my inner hipster!

These categories are my pillars of living a life you're happy living. I hope you find some value here!

Live Well & Be Free.

- Erin