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15 Tea Recommendations for Your Most Common Health Complaints

15 Tea Recommendations for Your Most Common Health Complaints

Teas are magical. There are so many varieties out there, all with their own healing abilities. Each soothing sip brings you closer to greater health and vitality. With so many options, it can be confusing to find the right tea for what ails you, so I've gathered 6 of the most common health complaints and 2-3 teas that may help for each one.


Fatigue or Lack of Focus

Green Tea with Lemongrass  |  Green Tea with Panax Ginseng  |  Yerba Maté

The polyphenols in lemongrass, along with the zesty aroma and flavour, help boost energy and burn fat. Paired with the natural caffeine in green tea, you’re just a few sips away from major focus and productivity.

Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng) helps fight fatigue, providing you with a boost of energy and improved concentration. Yogi brand tea offers a “Green Tea Energy” that supports stamina, featuring, of course, green tea along with Panax Ginseng, Eleuthero Root, lemongrass and spearmint.

Yerba Maté helps decrease physical and mental fatigue. Bonus: it’s also a weight-loss remedy since it helps burn stored fat as energy while calming hunger pains.


Hormone Imbalance or PMS

Raspberry Leaf  |  Black Cohosh  |  Chaste Tree

Raspberry leaf tea is known to aid in all stages of reproduction in women, regulate the female menstrual cycle, and even help with female and male fertility and conception. Warning: it doesn’t taste like raspberries, but rather a mild earthy flavour.

Black Cohosh may alleviate PMS symptoms including cramp pains, and it can also help with symptoms of menopause.

Chaste Tree berry stimulates the progesterone function of the pituitary gland, helping to balance hormones and ease symptoms during PMS.


Joint or Muscle Pain

Turmeric  |  Dandelion

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can help relieve pain and inflammation and improve joint movement, supposedly just as successfully as ibuprofen! Turmeric tea is slightly spicy, so you may prefer it with a bit of milk and honey.

Dandelion root can help soothe chronic joint inflammation.


Overindulged in Food or Alcohol

Milk Thistle  |  Burdock with Stinging Nettle

Milk thistle is a natural and gentle liver detoxifier, an organ that can easily become overloaded after a weekend of late nights and drinking. Milk Thistle has a very mild flavour that pairs well with a lemon wedge for an extra detoxifying boost.

Speaking of lemons… Traditional Medicinals "EveryDay Detox" with lemon contains Burdock, an herb that gently and efficiently helps “remove accumulated waste products from the body.” The Stinging Nettle in this tea also acts as a natural diuretic.


Restlessness & Poor Sleep

Hops  |  Lavender with Chamomile  |  Valerian

Hops acts as a mild sedative to promote sleep and ease restlessness.

Lavender is beneficial for restlessness, sleeping disturbances, nervous stomach and gastrointestinal tract and induces an overall sense of calm and relaxation. Chamomile provides similar benefits, so the two of them together is a cocktail for a good sleep and a soothed gut!

Valerian root can reduce restlessness, disturbed and nervous sleep, as well as anxiety-related tension. Valerian is a main ingredient in Traditional Medicinals "Nighty Night" tea.

Upset Stomach

Chai  |  Mint

The spices in chai tea, such as cinnamon, can enhance appetite while settling an upset stomach through the alleviation of indigestion, flatulence and bloating. Add a dash of almond milk and honey for a little treat!

Mint tea is pretty famous for its ability to settle an upset stomach. Peppermint is great for the relief of cramp-like conditions of the GI tract. I personally prefer the slightly sweeter flavour of spearmint, which offers the same soothing effect!


Below are links to teas that I have personally tried and recommend! 

Header image via  |  The research gathered above was sourced from my course readings from Alive Academy as well as my own personal experience.

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