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A Roundup of Resources for All-Around Organization in Your Life

A Roundup of Resources for All-Around Organization in Your Life

Ever feel like all the different areas of your life are disconnected, off-balance or unmanageable? Having reliable systems in place will have your whole life be in sync, creating time for the good stuff.

These suggestions will take some getting used to, and perhaps some self-discipline at the beginning, but once you find the systems that work for you it will be well worth the time spent trying them out.

Here’s a roundup of various tips, tools and resources in the areas of your home life, computer and email, finance, health and fitness, and general. Enjoy!


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

This book provides a new way to tackle decluttering and organizing your entire home. The issue with how humans intuitively clean their space is that they go through items in the wrong order, only tackle one room at a time, and/or hang on to unnecessary objects out of fear or nostalgia. In her book, Kondo lays out her process (called the KonMari method) in a simple way. After you read the book and understand the fundamentals, you can also use this helpful checklist as you actually apply this method of tidying to your home.

Well & Free Weekly Meal Planner Printable

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The Minimalists documentary, podcast, blog & books

I discovered the Minimalists over a year ago when I came across their documentary Minimalism on Netflix. I was immediately drawn in by this fun, laidback and free-of-all-unnecessary-material-items duo Joshua and Ryan. I then got into their podcast and saw them live last year with some friends, where they talked about their minimalistic values and answered questions from the audience. Reading their books is next on my to-do list!


The Minimalists Joshua and Ryan via

The Minimalists Joshua and Ryan via


Stylebook app

I haven’t personally used Stylebook but I’ve heard good things! With this app you can take full inventory of your closet and have pre-planned outfits, so you’ll never have to blankly stare into your closet singing the getting dressed version of the Pippy Longstocking song again (“What shall I wear today? What shall I wear today?...”). Just me?

Computer, Email & Phone


1Password is a simple, easy and secure way to keep track of all your passwords, private notes, credit cards, social security number and software licenses, all with one master password. When you need to log in to a website or enter your credit card information online, simply open up the browser extension, select the password or credit card and it auto-fills the form. Enough said!

Disk Cleaner app for decluttering your computer

Disk Cleaner is a fast and easy way to keep the amount of files on your computer minimal by getting rid of unnecessary files and data (like browser data, application logs, and application caches). It also helps you sort through the largest files on your computer that may be lost or hidden and are taking up megabytes or even gigabytes of space, resulting in a slooow computer. A real time saver!


Asana for task management

Don’t be mistaken: Asana isn’t strictly for business! Asana is a task/project management app that can be used solo or amongst team members to set tasks with due dates. It has a couple different viewing options, has space for notes and comments for each task, and you can even upload files to a specific task. You can organize everything in your life in Asana from your personal deadline to clean out the fridge, to your work deadlines, to reminders to call your Grandma (obviously the last one is most important!).

SaneBox for email organization

I used the free trial of SaneBox and really enjoyed the way that it sorted my emails for me. You can send certain emails directly to the trash or to a designated folder to read later, keep track of sent emails that are awaiting a response, and more.

Boomerang for email scheduling

Boomerang is amazing if you have an email that you want to send out on a certain day and time, but you know you’ll be busy and won’t be able to do it personally. You can also set “snooze” on emails, receive read receipts and send out auto-reminders when someone hasn’t replied to you.

Evernote app

Evernote is one of the most popular note taking apps on the market. You can include media like photos and audio recordings in your notes, sync your notes across your devices and search for a specific item within a note, including handwriting in an uploaded image. Woah, technology!


This app is like your personal digital assistant, with almost any “applet” you can imagine for a variety of third party apps such as Google, your social media accounts and even your cellular device. You can literally have it remind you to bring an umbrella if the forecast calls for rain (without you having to check the forecast yourself).



Keep track of bill payments, set budgets and financial goals, and track your spending by linking directly to your bank account and credit cards — all in one FREE app that you can use on your desktop browser or on mobile. Create your account here.

Wave Accounting

Slightly similar to Mint but with more focus on business, with Wave you can track income and expenses, send out invoices with automatic upcoming payment and overdue payment reminders, and easily scan and upload your receipts. Wave also gives you a visual overview of your financial standing and where your money is coming and going.

Save Those Dollar Bills and Travel On A Budget Printable Kits by Better Life Project

With the Save Those Dollar Bills printable Kit you can set a monthly budget with itemized expenses and plan your grocery trip based on your designated budget. Budget for your dream trip with the Travel On A Budget Printable Kit, which includes a travel budget sheet, as well as an itinerary and events log so the organization can continue even while you’re travelling!

Health & Fitness

Inkwell Press Fitness Planner

This physical 12-week planner, which comes in two beautiful designs, allows you to log your daily food intake and exercise. Check out all the features here.

FitBit wristbands and watches

I’ve been wanting a FitBit for months but just haven’t set aside the money for it… however, I’ve heard great things about it! Track your heart rate, exercise and sleep quality with the incredible technology in FitBit’s sleek and stylish wristbands and watches.


Set weight loss and nutrient goals and easily log your food intake and exercise to stay on track, all in one simple and free app that will save you time and hassle!


Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

I’m about ¾ of the way through this book and so far it has lived up to its near 5-star rating. With slightly more of a business focus, Allen offers practical systems and tips to stay organized so that you can function at your highest level of performance and free your mind of all the things you’re constantly trying to remember to do.

Planner Essentials Printable Kit by Better Life Project

For only $12, you get the main spreads from the Better Life Planner that you can print at home unlimited times in the Planner Essentials Printable Kit. Set and manage your goals, plan your months, weeks and days, track the books you want to read and the gifts you intend to buy, and break down your projects into manageable tasks and timelines.

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