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50 Little Joys in Life to Put a Smile on Your Face!

50 Little Joys in Life to Put a Smile on Your Face!

It’s the little things in life! Sometimes when your life feels blah, you’re in a rut or feeling down it’s helpful to just stop and notice the little joys that add brightness to your day.

Here are 50 of my favourite little joys:

  1. A soft rug under your feet in the morning

  2. Warm sun touching your face when you’re cold

  3. The feeling of leaving work after a long day

  4. The sensation of a cold drink when you’re really, really thirsty

  5. The moment you sit on the toilet when you really needed to pee

  6. Your plane landing at your vacation destination

  7. Laying your head down on your pillow at the end of the day

  8. A big burly hug when you need it the most

  9. Waking up without an alarm clock

  10. Hearing birds outside your window in the morning

  11. The first sip of coffee or tea while you’re still waking up

  12. The moment the lights dim at the movie theatre

  13. Curling up in a pile of blankets and pillows

  14. The moment the water hits you after dreaming of a hot shower all day

  15. The feeling of Christmas morning

  16. When you see your waiter/waitress coming with your food

  17. Laying in Shavasana after a hard yoga class

  18. Putting your feet up after standing or walking all day

  19. Treating yourself to an ice cream cone

  20. The moment the name of the person/place/thing finally comes to you

  21. A cold drink on a patio in the summer

  22. Sitting in front of a fireplace in the winter

  23. Finding money in a random place you weren’t expecting

  24. Floating in a still pool or body of water looking up at the sky

  25. Witnessing a shooting star

  26. Buying a new piece of clothing that looks really great on you

  27. The feeling of accomplishment after a hard workout

  28. The way your stomach hurts after a long, hard laugh

  29. Hotel beds that feel like a cloud

  30. Watching your favourite movie or TV show

  31. Getting a massage (especially the hands and feet)

  32. Hearing from someone you love

  33. Someone saying they love you

  34. Getting dressed up for a wedding

  35. When you get the last one of the thing you wanted to order at the coffee shop

  36. When something you really want or need happens to be on sale

  37. When you think tomorrow’s Monday and you discover it will be Sunday

  38. Having school or work be cancelled for a snow day

  39. Singing in the shower at the top of your lungs when no one is home

  40. Dancing to your favourite song while no one is watching

  41. Getting an extra hour of sleep from Daylight Savings time

  42. Starting a new book

  43. Having an aromatherapeutic, candlelit bath

  44. When someone unexpectedly buys you a meal

  45. Receiving flowers from someone

  46. Discovering that parking is free

  47. The feeling of your feet in the grass

  48. The moment you know you’ve become friends with someone and no longer just acquaintances 

  49. Waking up to no emails 

  50. Having a weekend with no plans so you can do anything you want’

What are your favourite little joys in life?

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