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A New, Healthier Approach to Your Detox This Spring

A New, Healthier Approach to Your Detox This Spring

Changing from Winter to Spring means the snow and ice is melting away to unveil grasses, trees and plants so that they can get some TLC from the sun and April showers to regrow. The temperature starts to warm up, but not too much — so we can still wear a sweater and feel a cool, refreshing breeze on our skin.

With the shedding of our winter clothes we’re also more inspired and motivated to shed our excess winter pounds from heavy holiday meals and nights in on the couch. With more daylight hours we’re energized to tackle our goals and organize our spaces. It’s a beautiful time!

In the past I’ve found that when Spring comes, I’m so motivated to “detox” and “spring clean” that it happens with an all-or-nothing attitude — leaving me overwhelmed and dissatisfied with the results.

This Spring, I’m setting out to detox and clean up my life in a mindful way, with specific intentions and forgiveness, patience and love toward myself. I’m not expecting to have my home perfectly in order, my dream beach body and all my health issues resolved by summer. That’s way too much pressure for any one person to place on themselves.

My intention for my Spring detox is to choose my foods, activities and personal possessions with my end goals in mind by asking myself the following questions:

What do I want my life to look like over the next year? 2 years?

I want my life to feel as simple as possible, with easy structures in place to help my routines and chores run smoothly so that I can focus on spending time with the people I love or doing the activities I enjoy most, like reading a book for fun, being creative, writing and spending time outdoors. I want to feel more financially stable. I don’t need to have it all figured out, but I’d like to have more peace of mind and stability.

How do I want to feel when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed at night?

I want to wake up feeling rested and energized to start my day. I want to avoid feeling groggy, dehydrated and having sore, cracking joints or other pain. I want to go to bed at night feeling like I got the most out of my day, whether it be a day of relaxation, hard work, or socialization. I want to feel ready to go to sleep and be able to fall asleep easily.

What or who do I want surrounding me in my everyday experiences?

I want lots of quality time with my partner, my family, and I want to see my closest friends on a fairly regular basis. I’d like to spend more time with friends combining fitness and fun by going to exercise classes or biking together. I want to incorporate more fun activities with friends and family but in a way that doesn’t clean out everyone’s wallets.

What do I want to spend more time doing in the future? Less time doing?

I want to spend less time doing the mundane and repetitive tasks that are involved with housework, operating my own business and even my self-care routine. I’d rather spend more time reading, learning, being with people, getting focused work done, taking a bath, getting a massage, etc.

What is important to me when it comes to my physical and mental health, that I am lacking now?

What is important to me is feeling good in my clothes, like they fit me properly and flatter my body. I want to feel stronger and experience less bloating, breakouts, sore joints and fatigue. I want to be able to challenge myself more physically and feel good after. I want to have a healthy relationship with food, regular sleeping habits and effective ways to manage my stress.

Answering these questions for myself makes it pretty clear as to what my main goals and intentions are when it comes to detoxing my body, mind and space this Spring:

  • I will focus on foods that are in-season and eat lighter so that I have more energy and can shed excess weight and bloating.

  • I will aim to develop a more consistent morning and evening routine so that my body can properly adapt.

  • I will look for ways to streamline things like administrative tasks for my business and chores around the house so they take up less time in my day.

  • I will schedule in time for myself to read and take a bath, or time with friends doing things that don’t cost a lot of money (like a potluck) or exercising together so we can all achieve our goals.

  • I will work smarter, not harder so that I can become more financially secure without sacrificing my wellbeing.

  • I will lighten up my physical space by keeping only the essentials and the items that make me feel good.

  • I will invest in a few new quality items of clothing that fit my body and accentuate it well while making me feel confident.

  • I will exercise regularly and challenge myself a little more each time so that I can become stronger and see more progress.

I could create an even longer list of goals and intentions for my Spring detox, but I’m going to start with these items and anything else I make progress on will be a bonus.

Answer the above questions for yourself so you can see what’s really important to you and set your own Spring detox intentions! Remember most of the items on the list you create won’t have a completion date of the end of Spring — they will likely be long-term lifestyle changes that will take time and patience to implement, however once you start seeing results it will feel easier and easier.

Happy Spring!

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