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This One Habit Could Be Damaging Your Relationships More Than Any Other

Integrity. It’s a powerful word that makes people squirm with discomfort. We look like a kid with our hand caught in the cookie jar when we’re accused of lacking it — “have you no integrity?!” is a question no one wants to be asked. In simple terms, “Integrity” means doing what you said you would do, and if you can not fulfill on what you said you would do, being honest and in communication about it. 

A Note On Body Image: It's Okay

It’s okay to gain weight or be naturally curvy. It’s also okay to be naturally thin, or to have difficulty gaining weight or muscle mass. There are so many factors that constantly influence body composition. The number on the scale or tape measure doesn’t matter. How I look standing next to someone else doesn’t matter. What matters is loving my body a little more every day.

A New, Healthier Approach to Your Detox This Spring

In the past I’ve found that when Spring comes, I’m so motivated to “detox” and “spring clean” that it happens with an all-or-nothing attitude — leaving me overwhelmed and dissatisfied with the results. This Spring, I’m setting out to detox and clean up my life in a mindful way, with specific intentions and forgiveness, patience and love toward myself. My intention for my Spring detox is to choose my foods, activities and personal possessions with my end goals in mind.