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Amidst A Sea of Advice, Here Are the Health Tips That Have Worked for Me

You may have noticed that every day there’s more and more information available online in the world of health and wellness. Much of this information is conflicting advice. In light of that, I have compiled a list of health tips that have actually worked for me. My goal is that this list will help you decide — from a real person and not a list of trends — which health hacks you want to try.

A Note On Body Image: It's Okay

It’s okay to gain weight or be naturally curvy. It’s also okay to be naturally thin, or to have difficulty gaining weight or muscle mass. There are so many factors that constantly influence body composition. The number on the scale or tape measure doesn’t matter. How I look standing next to someone else doesn’t matter. What matters is loving my body a little more every day.

A New, Healthier Approach to Your Detox This Spring

In the past I’ve found that when Spring comes, I’m so motivated to “detox” and “spring clean” that it happens with an all-or-nothing attitude — leaving me overwhelmed and dissatisfied with the results. This Spring, I’m setting out to detox and clean up my life in a mindful way, with specific intentions and forgiveness, patience and love toward myself. My intention for my Spring detox is to choose my foods, activities and personal possessions with my end goals in mind.

Food Cravings: Why We Get Them & How to Overcome Them

Food cravings. We all get them, some more frequently and more intensely than others. They make us feel out of control of our own minds — at the mercy of something salty, sweet or sour, just for a fleeting five minutes of pleasure. This blog post will help you understand how cravings work, what could potentially be causing your food itches and ways to overcome them, as well as healthier alternatives to some of the most common food cravings.

7 Health & Wellness Trends to Explore in 2019

To help you sift through all the nonsense this year, I’ve done some research and narrowed it down to 7 of the biggest health and wellness trends that could be worth exploring. And hey, each person is unique so if a trend doesn’t jive with you, it doesn’t mean you have to commit to it! What makes your health and vitality sustainable is narrowing in on a lifestyle that works for you, regardless of what others say.

Seasonal Eating: Winter Edition

Our bodies are designed to adapt to our fluctuating environments each day, week, month and season. However, we adapt much better if we give our bodies the tools needed. This blog post outlines everything you need to know about eating seasonally, specifically in the cold winter months.

6 Ways I’ve Reduced My Environmental Footprint — and You Can Too!

It’s easy to think that as individuals our everyday choices aren’t contributing much to this issue, and yet that way of thinking is at the core of the issue. If we all think this way and we don’t bother to make changes, the situation will only continue to worsen exponentially. Here are 6 areas of your life where it’s easy to switch to more sustainable methods and products, which will cost you less in the long run and give you greater peace of mind!