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Creative Ways to Surprise Your Partner This Valentine's Day

Creative Ways to Surprise Your Partner This Valentine's Day

It can be easy to get caught up in life and forget to let our partner know how much we love and appreciate them, especially for couples who have been together for a while. Or even if we do remember, sometimes we run out of ideas!

Since the big day o' love is around the corner, here are some ideas (for both men and women), to make your partner feel extra special and revive that spark. Note: these ideas aren't all limited to your romantic relationship; your friends, parents, siblings, grandparents and any other important people in your life could always use some love too!


For the Woman in Your Life:

1. Say it!

Open up and tell her in words how much she means to you. I know it seems simple and sometimes, scary, but some kind and genuine words can be really powerful.


2. Get her her favourite chocolate.

...Even if it's not her time of the month. Chocolate is a nice gesture every day, hormonal or not!

3. Get her flowers. 

I know, cliché, but at least know that they don't have to be the most expensive flowers. I bought a small bunch of flowers for a client's photoshoot recently and they were under $8. While they weren't the freshest, fullest or most beautiful flowers, they still did their job of adding a pop of colour and aliveness to the home.

4. Make her a meal.

There's almost nothing better than not having to worry about what to make for dinner, and to actually have it made for you! For an extra nice touch, light a candle and play some music while you eat together.

5. Surprise her with her favourite treat.

Girlfriend love ice cream (who doesn't?)? Get her favourite kind from the grocery store or take her out for a scoop. This gesture is especially welcomed to console a rough day.

6. Offer to give her a massage.

Sometimes when we're tense or sore we don't want to ask... so offer sometimes instead! Lighting candles and playing gentle music works here too.

7. Get her out of the house while you clean the place.

Sometimes I'm in the mood for cleaning but when I'm not, I'm really not, so coming home to a place that's been cleaned for me is always a treat. So tell her to take herself shopping or go get a coffee and get the place as clean as you can while she's gone (don't tell her why you're kicking her out but say that she'll come home to a nice surprise).


8. Offer to make her a tea.

It's really simple and only takes 5 minutes, but that's 5 more minutes that we ladies don't have to get up from the couch!

9. Recreate your first date.

This one might require some planning ahead but it's pretty easy because you're just redoing something that's been done before. No new ideas required!

10. Pick up her favourite magazine.

Don't know which is her favourite? You know which topics she likes so if she likes home decor for example, get a home decor magazine. As long as you don't pick a weird niche magazine like woodworking for retired men it's hard to go wrong.

11. Prepare a bath for her.

Again, candles and music are always welcomed. Get the water ready with some bubble bath, essential oils or bath salts. Unless she's afraid of water, there's no way she won't like it. Don't be afraid to add a glass of wine too!

12. Ask her on a coffee date.

It's so easy to forget to "date" your partner and have new and exciting conversations once in a serious relationship, so treat her to a latte and learn more about each other.


For the Man in Your Life

See points 1,4,5,6,9 and 12 from the above list, plus:

1. Write him a card.

Tell him how much you appreciate him and include a little doodle if that's your thing. Guaranteed to put a smile on his face!

2. Make him a little book of love coupons.

The coupons can include many little gestures like doing the dishes, making him dinner, giving him a back massage, etc. Allow him one trade-in per day to spread out the excitement.

3. "Make him a sandwich"...

Don't kill me, but if you invite your boyfriend to sit down and relax with his favourite video game and bring him a sandwich and his favourite beer, there's no way he won't appreciate it. As long as he knows it's a privilege and not a right, it's all good! And just make him promise some cuddle time after video games are done.

4. Steal his car... and take it to the car wash!

He's probably been meaning to take it himself but hasn't gotten around to it anyway, so he'll be happy to see his sparkly clean car next time he goes out.

5. Make him a gift basket of his favourite things.

It doesn't have to be over the top. Beer and snacks will do!

6. Make him something crafty.

Make him a drawing, photo collage, framed photo, scrapbook, or other memento of your relationship. He'll appreciate the effort.



For an extra extra special day, combine various ideas from these lists!

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