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Easy Swaps & Additions for a More Natural Home

Easy Swaps & Additions for a More Natural Home

Between pollution in the air, our water, our soil and our products, it may feel like we're helplessly drowning in toxicity. You may wonder, how are we able to minimize the toxicity in our lives, especially in our own bodies and our personal, sacred space — the home? Here are some easy swaps and additions you can make in your home and with your hygiene regimen to get you started on your journey to natural.


Reusable Bags

The amount of plastic bags in landfills is crazy, not to mention the harmful chemicals that can seep into your fresh groceries. Invest in a few reusable grocery bags, as well as mesh drawstring produce bags that are easy to pop in the laundry.

Food Storage

Similar to plastic bags, plastic tupperware sometimes contains BPA and other harmful ingredients that seep into your food which is totally unnecessary. Switch all of your food storage to glass. It may be a bigger investment than a set of plastic tupperware but they're far more durable, easy to wash, and most importantly, won't pollute your body!

Water Filtration

Your tap water might seem harmless, but Ontario has the highest percentage of the population with highly fluoridated water — a major contributor to thyroid issues. Not to mention other harmful substances such as lead and other heavy metals. Most water filtration systems eliminate at least trace amounts of fluoride, as well as chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. The ZeroWater pitcher is one of the best options easily available in Canada, which can be bought on Amazon or at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Conventional laundry detergents and fabric softeners contain dangerous, potentially cancer-causing chemicals, in addition to using wasteful plastic packaging with limited recycling potential. Nellie's All Natural laundry products are a natural alternative, packaged in tin containers that are far easier to recycle and most products will get you through 100 loads!

Bath & Shower

Shampoo & Conditioner


If you live in the GTA I recommend checking out Salon Galea, a hair salon located in Bowmanville with a focus on natural products. They recently came out with their very own line of hair products, including shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in spray conditioner, that leave your hair light, fresh and soft!

The only catch? You have to pop in to the salon to pick up product, so you might as well stay for the full treatment!


Soaps & Other Body Products

New black pepper oil.jpg

Uniquely Pure is my go-to product line for pretty much everything, from massage oils for sore muscles and joints, to mists that freshen the air and double as a face toner, and liquid Castile soap that doubles as a face cleanser! Check out the product line, which you can purchase online, or take a day trip to Belwood to purchase in-store and stay for a massage or other therapy of your choice.


Toothbrush & Toothpaste

There are so many reasons — environmental- and health-related — to move away from plastic toothbrushes and toward more eco-friendly and natural options like bamboo. One of my favourite brands is Brush Naked

In terms of toothpaste, there are tons of options on the market such as Tom's and The Green Beaver Company. Just choose the one that's best for you!

Ambiance & Air Purity


Did you know that the air inside your home can actually be more toxic and polluted than the air outdoors?! Here are some simple ways to keep the air in your home fresh:

  • Open the windows every once in a while to let the breeze flow through

  • Make sure your air vents and filters are regularly cleaned

  • Get a Himalayan salt lamp, which "attract pollutants in the air and even help neutralize the effects of electronics" (Wellness Mama)

  • Decorate with plants that cleanse the air


Have any other tips for a more natural home? Share them in the comments!



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