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How to Detox Your Mind: Notes from a Holistic Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

How to Detox Your Mind: Notes from a Holistic Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

If you've been tuned in to my most recent posts, you may have caught on that the month of April has been focused on the concept of detoxification in light of Spring. Starting with detoxing your space with a Spring cleaning challenge and followed by detoxing your body by incorporating a simple list of items into your diet, the final part of this series will be focused on detoxing your mind using a couple of simple techniques.

Mantras are so powerful as they open up our hearts and lungs.
— Kelly Mayville

In our fast-paced, busy lives we have hundreds, if not thousands, of thoughts flying through our minds on a daily basis. It can be a challenge to stay focused while we cling to unnecessary and negative thoughts.

Kelly Mayville, Holistic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Owner of Uniquely Pure, who has years of experience as an intuitive healer, believes the best ways to achieve detoxification of the mind and slow down or sift through these thoughts is through the regular use of mantra meditation and Pranayam Yoga.

Kelly explains, "mantras are so powerful as they open up our hearts and lungs. Singing even in a monotone voice activates our 8th Body, also known as the Pranic Body, which brings fearless living. Singing songs with purity in our hearts and a clear and grounded intention allows us to connect to the greater purpose of life and our higher selves and others. This clears our sights for the truth, which is always LOVE."

A mantra meditation that Kelly recommends starting out with is called Ong So Hung, a simple heart opening mantra which "embodies a profound spiritual power." Ong means "the creative consciousness" and So Hung means "I am that" (Yogapedia). Use Kelly's guided video below to learn how to do this mantra meditation, and use this song to do the mantra meditation on your own.

Another practice Kelly recommends for detoxification of the mind is Pranayam Yoga, which is a systematic and controlled way of breathing — essentially, having great focus on your breath in a meditative form.

From Kelly herself, below is a breakdown of the physical, mental and spiritual meanings of Pranayam Yoga:

Physically: Prana holds the soul together, beats the heart, controls the body temperature, purifies the blood, moves the diaphragm and gives you the spark of life.

Mentally: Prana is the executive manager; it gives you personal authority, infinite power and positive control of your mind.

Spiritually: Prana is your consciousness in action. It gives you humility and gratitude, a powerful outlook and it fills you with the energy of a healer.

Kelly states that "As you can see, we are more than one body. We need to develop ourselves on a whole level rather than in a single aspect." And Pranayam Yoga and the use of mantra meditation will help you accomplish just that.

You can also check out Kelly's powerful Yoga class videos on her YouTube channel.

About Kelly Mayville


Kelly’s study into essential oils and their effects on the emotional and physical responses lead to the development of her business, Uniquely Pure, and its line of Medicinal Aromatherapy products. Operating out of her home in Belwood, Ontario and driven by her passion to fulfill the need for more holistic healing methods, Kelly is constantly creating new recipes with you in mind. Kelly also has more than 12 years of experience in Kundalini and Yin Yoga and Meditation, as well as 25 years of holistic massage treatment experience and is passionate about living a ceremonial life.

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