Welcome to my blog, Well & Free. I'm on the path toward balance of the body, mind and space and I want to share it with you through blog posts about wellness, organization and personal growth. Thanks for being here!

Welcome to Well & Free

Welcome to Well & Free

This blog was born out of a desire for many things... to have a creative outlet just for the sake of being creative, to share my passion for wellness, personal growth & organization in a way that allows me total freedom and, finally, to identify more as a writer.

Last year I was doing yoga on my parents' newly renovated cozy patio, in perfect sunny fall weather. There was the sound of nothing but rustling leaves and a bird chirp here and there. The best way I could describe the experience was enlightenment for my soul. It was so good that I wanted to live in that moment (more or less) forever, which made me realize that I wanted to experience more moments like this, and more often.

I used to have a blog when I was in school. It did pretty well but over time it became less and less of a priority, and I lost interest. I realize now what got in the way of me continuing with my blog was getting attached to it being "successful," which I defined as increasing followers, likes and shares. With time it became less about feeding my passion and being a source of enjoyment, and instead became more of a popularity contest of sorts.

With the launch of this blog I vow that it will remain solely out of my own passion that I continue with it, regardless of the numbers. This blog is not a vehicle to validate my self-worth, talent or social media status. It's an outlet for me to express myself creatively and share the kind of content that I enjoy.

I hope you'll find some value here!

Live Well & Be Free

– Erin

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